PowerGreen are delighted to join up with Procore as a Partner and we look forward to helping customers use it on their projects. Procore has brilliant inbuilt functionality allowing drawings to be #markedup. These tools allow users to measure, make observations, raise queries etc but most of importantly of all … allowing sharing in real time with all project users on PCs, tablets, mobiles … #Procore #digitalconstruction #collaborationtools

Welcome to the launch of the new Bluebeam Revu 2020.

What’s New in Revu 20 The newest version of Bluebeam Revu has arrived, with even more smart tools and enhancements to help your team get more done, together.

 Customize collaboration permissions Newly enhanced process for setting permissions ensures the right people have access to the right information from the start

 Get the data you need, faster Quickly see the latest edits and updates with improved Markups List filters

 Mark up and measure quicker than ever Finish the job faster with our newly improved PDF markup and measurement tools

Revu Comes in Three Editions, all with Studio Included

Revu Standard The essential solution for intuitive PDF markup, editing and collaboration.

Who uses Standard? – General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Estimators, Construction Managers and Building Owners

Key Features  2D and 3D PDF Markup  Markups List  Tool Chest  Sets  Measurement Tools

Revu CAD The solution for CAD users that includes smart plugins for 2D and 3D PDF creation.  Includes Standard features

Who uses CAD? – Architects, Engineers and CAD users Key Features  Plugins for 2D PDFs  Plugins for 3D PDFs  Batch Creation

Revu eXtreme The robust solution for automating complex processes and pushing the limits of document collaboration.  Includes Standard features  Includes CAD features

Who uses eXtreme? – Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Specialty Contractors , Estimators and Construction Managers Key Features  Automatic Form Creation  Batch Link®  Batch Slip Sheet  OCR  Batch Sign and Seal

Key Statistics +1.9 Million Bluebeam Revu Users +27 Billion Bluebeam Studio Transactions 800 Bluebeam User Groups Events

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Prices for Aug 2020

Bluebeam REVU Standard €275 ex VAT per seat

Bluebeam REVU CAD €350 ex VAT per seat

Bluebeam REVU eXtreme €455 ex VAT per seat

In this example we demonstrate how to move pages to different locations within the same document using Bluebeam Revu software.

This is a common request where you have documents that are not necessarily required in page order, but may you want to shuffle them into say an order of importance or date order.
That’s easy to do with Bluebeam


So in the above example I have 5 pages which I have numbered and coloured page 1,2 … so that you can see the original order.
To move any page … take the following steps:

Step 1

In the left hand tab press the thumbnails button (the icon is 4 white squares) this opens the following view ..

Step 2

Then press the minus button under the thumbnails icon, this then reduces in size the pages and allows you to see more than one in the view. You can also make the area of the left hand tab bigger by clicking the blue control point in the centre and dragging it to the right hand side of the screen (you can always drag it back later).

Step 3

Next highlight the page you want to move: with your left mouse button click on the page and you will see a blue border around it.
Hold down your left mouse button and drag the page into the position you would like to move it and let go of the button.
Repeat again as many times as you like to shuffle the pages into the order you want.

From the above screenshot you can see I have re-ordered the pages the way I want

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